Friday 16 December 2011

European Jewish NGOs members of NGO headed by a Muslim Brother

A handful of European Jewish associations are members of the European Network against Racism (ENAR) pompously self-proclaimed "the voice of the anti-racist movement in Europe".  No less...

Two from Britain feature on their website : the Board of Deputies of British Jews and Academic Response to Antisemitism & Racism (ARAR).

ENAR is based in Brussels and is headed by Michael Privot, a Belgian convert to Islam and a Muslim Brotherhood member as he revealed himself in a newspaper "Muslim Brotherhood: Time for coming out! '". See also: Verviers: Hamas headquarters

A little background on Mohammed Abdul Aziz, a founding member of ENAR, before Privot took over: "Mr Aziz has also been involved with the East London Mosque; the London Muslim Centre; the Muslim Council of Britain; the Commission for Racial Equality; the Equal Opportunities Commission; the Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism; the European Network Against Racism [you will find his name here on p. 3 last para.]; and the UK Race and Europe Network. First, the advice Mr Aziz gives. The Daily Telegraph revealed this year that Mr Aziz had suggested that the new Government build closer ties with the controversial East London Mosque. He said that ministers should be willing to share a stage with groups that promote "a message of divisiveness, expressing intolerance towards other communities in the UK", and to treat privately with organisations that might support "violent extremism in Britain". Last night he apparently claimed that this was "completely untrue"."

Moreover, among the 13 European associations (transnational) affiliated with the ENAR, two are Jewish: the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the European Centre for Jewish information. The national Jewish associations listed as being members are:

Belgium: Auschwitz Foundation (ENAR is cited on the website of the Belgian Auschwitz Foundation)
France: Simon Wiesenthal Center
Germany: Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland
Netherlands: CIDI
Hungary: B'nai Brith
UK: Board of Deputies of British Jews and Academic Response to Antisemitism & Racism (ARAR).

See: The Muslim Brotherhood in Belgium, a NEFA Foundation report (2008).  Note disturbing links with Hamas.

"Michaël Privot n’est en effet pas seulement «tendance» Frères musulmans, il est Frère musulman, comme il l’annonce sans complexe courant 2008 dans une carte blanche publiée dans Le Soir et intitulée «Frères musulmans: l’heure du coming out!». Ce jeune converti a le CV-type du « cadre » Frère musulman: intellectuel (il est islamologue et chercheur à l’ULg), il s’est aussi largement investi dans l’associatif et les ONG, notamment dans la lutte contre le racisme. Il est ainsi actuellement responsable Réseau et campagne au sein de l’ENAR, le Réseau européen contre le racisme. (Et, y a pas à dire, ça, ça doit aider à acquérir rapidement une certaine légitimité au sein du MRAX.) Avant cela, il a travaillé au sein du FEMYSO (Forum of European Muslim ans Youth Organisations), un organisme, issu des Frères musulmans, qui regroupe au niveau européen des organisations de jeunesse musulmane et dont le siège est situé à Bruxelles. Il y était responsable des Institutions européennes et des ONG (autant dire qu’il s’y connaît en matière de lobbying!), il en est maintenant membre du conseil d’administration." (Source 2009)

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