Tuesday 7 December 2010

Jewish community in Belgium was target of major terror attack, according to magazine

Typically, the news do not seem to be of any interest to Belgian journalists !

ANTWERP (EJP)---Terrorist suspects arrested two weeks ago in Belgium and Holland planned to target the Jewish community with a major terror attack, a Jewish magazine said, quoting information obtained by a Dutch newspaper from judicial sources.

According to "Joods Actueel" in Antwerp, Dutch daily newspaper "Het Parool" received the information from a anonymous source "close to the investigation".  Belgian authorities didn't confirm nor deny the news reports.

Quoting a senior European counter-terror expert, CNN already mentioned two weeks ago that members of the terror group arrested in Antwerp and their associates in Germany and the Netherlands had discussed targeting Jews in Belgium as well as NATO headquarters in Brussels.

The suspects were using a jihadist website to plan an attack on an unspecified target, police said at the time.

Antwerp is home of around 18,000 Jews while 15,000 live in Brussels.

To see CNN report (23/11/2010) go HERE

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