Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Violent "anti-Zionist" scene live on Belgian TV (RTL)

This happened on Friday evening during the evening news at the Belgian private TV channel RTL.  The appalling scene took place in Brussels in front of the Royal Palace of Laeken during a meeting between the Belgian king Albert II and Mr Bart De Wever.  A young man of North African appearance pushed aside journalist Frédéric Delfosse and shouted with raised fist "Zionist" (no doubt meaning the channel to be "Zionist"-controlled - for the record, RTL, like RTBF, the public francophone Belgian TV, is anti-Israel, but not enough for some).  The young man also seems to have shouted "annihilate Zionism ..." (?)  and "infamy" (?).  The scene was cut straight away.  See the 27-second video HERE. (H/T JPD)

Thirty per cent of the population in Brussels is Muslim.

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