Thursday 1 October 2009

January 2009: Antisemitic violence in Greece

Sadly, the same hatred like elsewhere in Europe.

Source : Abravanel

Riot Police (MAT) guarding synagogues, meetings of anxious parents in Jewish schools – while synagogues, cemeteries and monuments became targets of vandalism and arson. This was the picture that Greek Jewry presented in December and January when the totality of the greek society decided that the best way to support the “champions of Hamas” (as infamous anti-Semitic newspaper Avriani put it, 29/12/08) was to burst against fellow greek citizens born with the wrong religion

Violent antisemitic incidents occurred in 9 cities: Athens, Salonica, Larissa, Volos, Ioannina, Corfu but also in Judenrein cities such as Komotini, Veria, Drama.

Nationwide we saw outrageous statements on "blood craving Jews" by Extreme-Right leader Y. Karatzaferis, while Leftist leaders went overboard in condemning Israel but downright refused to condemn antisemitic incidents in their own home; especially their utilitarian reference to the Holocaust would have been tragic if not comic compared to their downright refusal to join the State Holocaust Memorial Day later in the month as they usually do.

Members of the Greek Church like Metropolitan of Piraeus Serafim spoke of "Zionist monsters with sharp claws" being aided by "masonic lodges". Metropolitan of Salonica Anthimos, already famous for other anti-Jewish statements, said that Jews are being punished for killing Jesus Christ.
The "Christ-Killer" card was also played by newspaper frontpages like Vradini speaking of the "Crucifixion" and "Ponzio Pilates".

I won’t even mention the paranoid antisemitic Christian Orthodox newspapers like Orthodoxos Tipos which frontlined "Zionists and Masons support the slaughtering", but I will limit myself to the infamous antisemitic newspaper Avriani which spoke of American Jews stealing the money and causing the world economic crisis and warned us of American Jews plotting to set off WW3 [photo above] (!!!) while also frontlining "Holocaust".

Let’s not forget newspapers like Apogevmatini which frontlined the "Holocaust" and which had already accused Israelis of harvesting Palestinian organs long before the Swedes ever discovering the rumor and all the other newspapers which refused to talk about the wave of antisemitic hatred that swept through Greece.

The press and TV did their best to exasperate the climate – a known liberal radio presenter, Jimmy Panousis, said it plainly: "There are no good Jews" and that Jews are pigs and murderers but fortunately their days are numbered.

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