Sunday 30 August 2009

WWII: Norway received 37 Jewish children

Source: Norway, Israel and the Jews blog

From the paper edition of Norway’s largest daily Verdens Gang (VG). Notice how the Ministry of Justice Section Chief feared that taking in more children would encourage anti-Semitism. Oddly reminiscent of Dagsavisen’s Mr. Iversen, who the other day warned that Israeli reaction to Daniel Boström’s blood-libel story was rabid and might encourage anti-Semitism. Mr. Iversen even had the audacity to remind that Israel needs friends in Europe now more than ever, and should be careful not to push them away.

Oh Norway, beloved Norway, we deserve better than this.

"Few children to Norway

BERGEN (VG) Just before WWII broke out England generously received 10 000 Jewish children who were sent to safety by nervous parents in Germany and neighbouring countries.

Norway received only 37 children, a number limited due to the fears of prominent Norwegians that there would be too many jews here.

Section chief Carl Platou in the Ministry of Justice was afraid that the children with time could awaken a sprouting anti-Semitism. The danger of getting stuck with the children, as he wrote, was large:

"We must take into account that a larger number of them will remain in Norway and will constitute a Jewish strain in the people and in commerce", he wrote."

Sweden: Aftonbladet's accusations are anti-Semitic according to Council of Europe and OSCE classification

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

OK, they now got a "strain" of Muslims to cope with. I guess they feel better for it.