Wednesday 10 June 2009

Former UNESCO Director-General : Israel killed hundreds of children

"I'd burn Israeli books myself if I found any in libraries in Egypt." (Farouk Hosni)
"Having killed hundreds of children they [?] have no right to criticize." (Federico Mayor)

More incitement to hatred.

Commenting on the opposition to the appointment of the Egyptian Culture Minister, Farouk Hosni, to the position of Director-General of UNESCO, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, a former Spanish Director-General of UNESCO from 1987 to 1999 said (translated from the French):

"I do not agree with these criticisms, which, incidentally, come from Israeli representatives. Who do they think they are to make such remarks. Having killed hundreds of children they have no right to criticize. It is impossible for them to criticize after what they did in Gaza. "

Source: Saphir News
Farouk Hosni In His Own Words (ADL)

"Normalization? I know quite a bit about you, you have abilities that I hold in high esteem. I follow and am kept abreast. Believe me, I don't hate Israel and under no circumstances am I an anti-Semite. But cultural normalization? Not now."

Q: Why not?

"We have political ties and economic cooperation. In my view, cultural ties are our weapon to pressure Israel into doing more on the Palestinian issue."
(Interview with Smadar Peri, Yediot Ahronot, June 13, 2008)
"We cannot dance with them, sing together or watch a piece of theatre when there are bloody attacks every day against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."
(Interview with AFP, May 23, 2008)
"I would burn Israeli books myself if I found them in Egyptian libraries."
(May 10, 2008)
"They steal everything: musical heritage, cinema and even clothes and this is why they have to be treated with the same level of hate…"
(Interview to Al-Wasat, London, June 13, 2001)
"My attitude towards normalization is known and so is my ministry's attitude: we oppose all kinds of normalization… The Ministry of Culture is practically the only official body that has a declared attitude against normalization…"
(Interview to Al-Mashahid as-Siyasi, London, June 10, 2001)
"How would a normalization of this kind be possible, with such a culture that hates the other and robs its culture?"
(Interview with Al-Mashahid as-Siyasi, June 10, 2001)
"The Israeli culture is inhuman. It is an aggressive, racist and arrogant culture, based on robbing other people's rights and the denial of such rights…"
(Interview with Al-Mashahid as-Siyasi, London, June 10, 2001)
"Israel never left any eternal heritage for the civilization, in any period of time…" (From his statement in the opening of the Arab specialists gathering for the protection of antiquities in Arab countries
(Qatar News Agency, April 25, 2001).
"Israel is known in the international arena as a state that steals everything and attributes it to itself…"
(Interview with Ruz al-Yousuf, April 21, 2001)
"…They (the Zionists) do not want to commit a cultural invasion, they want to rob our culture and heritage…"
(Interview with the Lebanese As-Safir, December 7, 2000)
"The Israelis do not stop claiming that they built the pyramids, and this is why we need to stand firmly and respond courageously… even if it leads to a crisis because those pirates are committing a robbery… The Israelis want everything…" "…This is the way the Israelis took Palestine… Now they use (this method) regarding the big pyramid. These are continuous projects – people come, steal your history and civilization. This proves that Israel has no history or civilization, since those who have history of their own do not need to rob the history of others …" "…Israel has many political goals… First of all, they steal your civilization and history. Second, they do not have any civilization, i.e. they do not have a country, and do not deserve a country. This is why they create a country by force…"
(Interview with Ros al-Yusuf, May 5, 1997, "Israel is Robbing the Pyramids as it Robbed Palestine")

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