Monday 6 October 2008

British writer Alan Hart calls for the creation of an international anti-Zionist lobby

The third conference of the International Union of Parliamentarians for Palestine was held in Brussels on May 13, 14 and 15, 2008.

The theme of the conference was Sixty Years on AL-Nakba… Sixty Years of Resistance chosen "to coincide with the commemoration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of AL-Nakba", and was attended by "a crowd of parliamentarians, ambassadors, researchers and politicians, in addition to a number of activists interested in the Palestinian cause and believers its justice".

Below is a small , but illustrative, sample of the speakers who attended the three-day conference and their caricatural and outrageous anti-West, anti-Israel and anti-"racist Europe" rhetoric (the full report can be read here):

"The third workshop was headed by the Sudanese Deputy Hassan Musa Al-Safi under the title: The dimensions of the conflict and its manifestations. This workshop included three research papers, which are:

The research of the British writer Alan Hart entitled The Christian Zionism and the Secular Zionism, considering that there is a contradiction between Judaism and Zionism, which insults the Jewish principles, and is being supported by the U.S.A. financially, politically, economically and through media, calling for uniting the efforts and the ranks in order to establish an international lobby opposed to Zionism and to work on pushing it forward.

Then D. Abdelmoutaleb Bouzerda presented a research entitled Zionism and racism, common mechanisms and ideological similarity. He first explained the two concepts of Racism and Zionism and linked them to the racial environment that existed in Europe. Considering that ethno-centrism is one of the problems that Europe is facing and which produced what became known as "Islamophobia". Finally he saw that in order for us to win, the Arab and Islamic communities must cooperate together in Europe and expose the link between racism in Europe and racism in Israel.

As for the last research, it was presented by Mr. Luc Vervat on the behalf of the Belgian researcher Wim De Neuter (for health reasons), in which he explained the terms of the establishment of the Zionist state on the land of Palestine, stressing that this state can not be a Jewish state only because it contains Muslims and Christians, and then he reviewed the repeated Israeli attacks on Lebanon, which was confronted in July 2006 by a resistance that won. At the end he called for the need of boycotting the usurper entity by the Arab States, the European Union and the White House."

Alan Hart also engaged in an "intellectual debate" with: "Italian deputies Lakobo Franye, Fernando Rossi (...) and the Iranian deputy Hassan Sheikh Al-Islam. The debate was headed by Mr. Nour Eddine Buchkoj, it focused on neo-liberalism, racism and Zionism and the peoples struggle across the world with them, and how this relates to Palestine, and to the proposed solutions to the Palestinian cause."

"Dr James Bowen presented a paper entitled Is AL-Nakba systematic ethnic cleansing or not? in which he considered that ethnic cleansing was not a passing issue but it is one of the key components of the Zionist project. It has been well prepared and planned for and it is a documented issue, especially in the writings of the researcher Ilan Pappe who elaborated on the issue in his book about ethnic cleansing that the Palestinian people faced by the hand of the Jews."

"Then the researcher David Morrison presented a brief research about How can the solidarity movements in the West contribute to defeat the Zionist colonial project in Palestine?, considering that despite the enormous Zionist propaganda in the West, some writers and activists intend to explain the facts to the citizens to know the truth of the Zionist settlement-oriented project in Palestine so that they increase their pressure on their governments in order to boycott this project."

"Mrs. Nadine Rosa Rosso (full speech @ Sons of Malcolm (Sukant Chandan's blog)) presented a research entitled The possibility of founding a global alliance in order to support the causes of the oppressed peoples?, in which she reviewed her experience with the Belgian Workers Party, in it she confirmed that the Belgian Left does not support the American expansionist policies in Afghanistan and Iraq, stressing that we must confront the economic colonial military policies that are being implemented in several countries, and defend the Islamic identity and values in order to build a global alliance for supporting the causes of the peoples, based mainly upon the strong left, which works on supporting the causes of the oppressed peoples and opposing the American hegemony."

Norman Finkelstein (who was in Brussels to attend this on May 18), Maher Al-Taher, PFLP's spokesman, and Khaled Mashaal (by video conference) also spoke at the conference.

The Director General of the Union is no other than the pro-Hezbollah founder of the Arab European League (AEL) Dyab Abou Jahjah and self-styled Belgium's Malcolm X/Arab pride and official fears.

On the AEL: Muslim European group posts anti-Semitic cartoons


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Had the millions of Germans expelled ,after looting and rape by the Russian Army, from beyond the Oder Neisse line, or indeed the millions of Poles expelled from what is now Belarus, behaved like the people who claim to be Palestinians, what would the world call them? The Poles and Germans did not demand refugee status together with money for all their descendents, they did not say once German or Russian land always German or Russian land, they did not engage in terrorism, nor did they accuse Russia of "racialism". The contrast is striking and an example of double standards. Common sense would suggest that if one loses a war one loses territory and that displaced people, as for example the Jews felling the Third Reich, must make a new life for themselves.

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There already is an international anti-Zionist lobby - it is called the UN.