Thursday 3 July 2008

Ingrid Betancourt is freed and praises the Israeli army

On arriving at Bogota airport yesterday, after being freed with 14 other hostages by the Columbian army Ingrid Betancourt, who spent six years of captivity in the jungle at the hands of the marxist guerilla FARC, spoke of her ordeal and described the faultless rescue operation.

She praised the Israeli army:

"There are no precedents for such a perfect operation. Perhaps the Israelis, with the reputation they have for such extraordinary commandos - perhaps only they can come close to the coup that we have seen today."

She added that Colombians should be proud of their army for having carried out a perfect rescue operation.

The Times
Le Monde video (8:53-9:22)
El País:
"Esto es un orgullo para todos nosotros colombianos, no hay antecedentes históricos de un rescate tan perfecto. En Israel quizás pueden asemejarse al golpe que se dio hoy."


Anonymous said...

I knew that when the press started blathering all over the place about this individual - Betancourt, that i would be correct to assume that she was Jewish.

Sorry she was held captive for so long. Maybe the common folk & FARC, knew that she was up to no good. And did what was best for Columbia, not Israel. No country wants a dual loyalist zionist regardless that she claims to be french columbian. Zionist first, at the expense of the rest.

Anonymous said...

Ingrid Betancourt is from the Betancourt family --one of Colombia's oldest Catholic aristocratic families. Her praise for the Israelis no doubt comes from the fact that advice on the rescue operation came from Israeli commanders involved in the daring rescue operation that resulted in the freeing of 105 airline passengers who had been hijacked and held hostage in Entebbe, Uganda.

Anonymous said...

Betancourt is a Jewish name (sephardic) and identified as such by the Holy Office of the Spanish Church see

nolocontendere said...

This has Rovian psyop dripping from it. Now that the truth of the $20 million ransom is out there expect the story to exult in it's one day of crushing media spotlight and then a quick segue to the next bit of theater.
Did someone just say Jessica Lynch?

Anonymous said...

The israelis advised no one
this was a columbian op from
start to finish

Anonymous said...

Yael, you must think we are totally clueless for you to subject us all to your perjury, misleading statements.