Sunday 29 June 2008

Ben Heine's cartoon provokes stream of anti-Semitic abuse

Ben Heine is the only Belgian who took part in the infamous international Teheran cartoon contest mocking the Holocaust, while pretending to have been misguided by the organisers. One of the cartoons (entitled "Welcome Home") he presented illustrates the Auschwitz extermination camp morphed into an orthodox Jew. His side locks are linked to railway tracks, a swastika and a Star of David. It is Heine's contention that there is nothing antisemitc about the drawing - and that he intended it to be educational...

In April this year, Heine posted the above drawing on Flickr provoking a stream obnoxiously anti-Semitic comments. Typically Heine has not seen fit to delete or disavow any of this filth. Once again he has shown his true colours and revealed the neo-Nazi types who admire his work.

Appropriately, and much to his embarrassment (he kept quiet about it...), most of his stuff was removed from Wikipedia.

There is the usual "FUCK OFF ISRAEL ..". But disturbingly there is also this:

"Germans. (At least the majority of them went down fighting, and not snivveling in a ditch waiting for someone to save them.) (...) Last a checked, Germany is still ALIVE and if you wont let the past move on, the past will stay and re-occur, only with the support of many other nations."

"screw those fucking israelies i hope they all rott away and get killed in the most grewsome way ass bitches"

"Say this to the jewish trash - the real terrorists....i hope the final solution came soon."

"The only chance to free the world is killing all the jews...A L L, at the last one....parasites,lairs and murders!!!"

"what the wars,murders and massacres promoted by your trash people....israel is the great evil on earth...and the evil must be exterminated!!"

"I have a HUUUGGGEEE archive about your criminal acts - masscres,executions,killers, atrocities, banking and financial manipulations, mind control mechanisms, hate hoaxes, slavery industry....the list is lloonnngggg maybe the flickr space is not enough and for solution this i will create a site to alert the world to the jews real face...."

"The Fuhrer don´t have the necessary time, but the fight continues.The final victory will be ours.... "

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