Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Arab-European League lashes out at Geert Wilders and MEMRI

The Arab-European League (AEL), whose head is Dyab Abou Jahjah, Belgium's Arab leader), claims that the "Zionists", namely MEMRI, are "secretly" behind Geert Wilders' movie "Fitna". Of course, in the best conspirationist tradition prized by radical Islam, they do not offer the slightest shred of evidence to back up their preposterous claim.

AEL's diatribe proves that MEMRI is doing an excellent and indispensable job in exposing anti-Semitism in the Muslim world.

From AEL's website:

"MEMRI-TV aiding Wilders in anti-Qur'an movie.

The anounced Dutch anti-Qur'an movie of racist politician Geert Wilders is being created with aid and support of the Middle East Media Reasearch Institute TV Monitor Project, better known by the name of Memri TV.

Personnel, equipment and facilities were provided in the biggest secrecy to help Wilders' project.

The Dutch politician, who is known to have close ties with the Zionist entity, received the advice to involve Memri in his project.

MEMRI TV was launched during the end of the nineties by an ex-intelligence officer of the Israeli army. The institute is known for her translated fragments of debates and news picked out of mostly Arab media.

According to current director, Yigal Carmon, he is willing to approach the West to the Arab world by lifting up the language barrier.

The institute gained international attention after "9/11" thanks to her devious translations of Arab speakers on Arab media networks. Translations were put of their real context and presented as such to the West as being a general Arab opinion and an absolute truth.

Wilders is seen as an ally by many Zionists. His political agenda and his attacks against Islam and muslims cobined with his unconditional support to the Zionist project in occupied Palestine is welcomed and supported by the majority in the Zionist camp.

The Arab European League will concentrate on this issue asswell in her already announced counter movie, called Al Mouftinoun.

The ties between far right politics and politicians in Europe and the West are not only built on a common ideology but also on a same agenda, being marginalising, exploiting and criminalising muslims always and everywhere."

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