Thursday 14 February 2008

List of French Jews accused of controlling and destroying France

Whereas the publication of a list targeting 160 Italian Jewish university professors accused of lobbying in favour of the "Zionists" has caused widespread indignation (see Engage and Bennauro) and led to the closing down of the site and for an investigation to be launched, there is also a long list of French Jews accused of "controlling and destroying France" - and guilty of lobbying for Israel - which did not make the headlines.

The list is careful not to designate them as French Jews, but only as Jews: Jewishness being their nationality.

It was posted on 14 January on the French people, make yourselves heard! (Français, exprime-toi!) blog and is entitled "List: Jews who control and destroy France" ("Liste Juifs qui dominent et détruisent la France"). Two days later, a further 17 names were added.

It lists Jews, half-Jews and maybes, and comprises scholars, politicians, journalists, comedians, writers, artists etc.! Several blogs have asked for the list to be removed but without success so far.

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