Saturday 8 December 2007

Kosta Plevris: Hitler could have rid Europe of the Jews but did not

The trial of Kostas Plevris, a Greek lawyer, neo-Nazi militant and author of Jews: The Whole Truth, and of the far-right newspaper Eleftheros Cosmos, on charges of breaking the anti-racism law, has opened in Athens on 3 December. Mr. Plevris stands accused of publishing anti-Semitic material and of "inciting actions that could provoke discrimination, hatred and violence against persons and groups of persons, solely because of their racial and ethnic origins". Here are some quotes from his book:

Adolf Hitler: The tragic leader of the German Third Reich is certainly the most impressive leadership figure of the modern age… Human history will blame Adolf Hitler for the following: 1. He could have rid Europe of the Jews, but did not; 2. He did not use the special chemical weapons, which only Germany possessed, to gain a victory... Because of the defeat of Germany then, the White Race and Europe are at risk now… The day will come when Europeans will either dominate or be destroyed. Either way they will acknowledge that Hitler was right... (p. 881)
Heinrich Himmler: Chief in Command of the SS… facts and arguments verify the high moral standing of the Man who, despite the fact that in one day he could have issued the order for all Jews to be put to death, chose to expel them from Europe so as to rid the continent of the White Race of the non-European Semites …. The SS, in particular the combatant SS (Waffen SS,) were the knights in armor of the modern age, indomitable fighting men from every country in Europe, who sacrificed their lives for the ideal of a New Order for civilized peoples. Unfortunately for the human race, they were defeated… They were all fine examples of faith, discipline and fighting skill, serving the ideals of National Socialism. Their bearing reflected the greatness of their character so only the very best of the Aryan Race were included in the ranks of the SS…. (p. 869)
Joseph Goebbels: One of the brightest minds of the century. A philosopher and fighter with a deep understanding of mass psychology, on every battlefield he vanquished Jewish Bolshevism and headed his country's all out war. (p. 885)
Hitler was blamed for something that did not actually take place. Later the history of humanity will blame him for not ridding Europe of the Jews, though he could have … My dear Jews, I do not ask you to suffer all the things that your holy books tell you that we should suffer from you… You are criminals because that is what your religion has taught you to be. You are murderers because crime is instilled in you from an early age. Therefore we others have the right to deal with you. And that is what we will do. (p. 852)
ZYKLON B, so extensively publicized as the gas used to put Jews to death in the special gas chambers (which have not been found) was merely a poisonous gas used to fumigate the concentration camps…everything else [said about it] is fiction produced for the purposes ofpropaganda. (p. 1008)
The SS divisions fought with unparalleled heroism. (p. 853)
In 1945 the White Race suffered the greatest catastrophe in its history. Hitlerian Germany's epic struggle for dominance by Aryans ended without a victory. (p. 869)


Anonymous said...

Nothing he says there that I can argue with.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting. I wonder how long it will take before the proper historical record is promulgated through western society. Am rather weary of the long-standing political bollocks were are expected to believe without question. I'd like to read this book.

Joseph said...

one can't deny that the "official version" of history, specifically WWII, is not exactly right. there are lots of events that are not taught in books.

And by the way, the description of this blog, Philosemtism, that says that Israel embodies the best democracy... please what planet are you from? Really?
Israel, by being an occupier and carrying out mass slaughter is quickly becoming their worse nightmare: nazi germany.

Anonymous said...

I for one am glad to see SOMEBODY speaking the truth to power. IF HItler HAd rid Europe of the Jews when he had the chance Germany would have been well forgiven by now and have proven that a society based on the fundamental tenets of National Socialism (absent Jewish bankers and thieves) would have led the way to a bright planetary future. Now we all face the same challenges he recognised - to remove the cancer that is the Jew from the global bodies politic, financial and cultural. What a waste of 69 years.....

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. Now I want to find the book and read it. Fortunately in Greece there's still enough free speech.

Anonymous said...

Any chance that this book will be translated into English?

Anonymous said...

To me the most interesting part is the commenters.
So where are these numerous philosemites, "many many Europeans" that the blog brags about, "who know that Israel embodies the best in democracy".
I'd say that the world clearly sees the Jews as a terrible blight upon the face of the planet, and rightly so, in mind of this non-philosemite.
Could the greatest tragedy of the Holocaust(Madagascar resettlement plan) be that it never happened?
Just consider the untold millions who perished in the last 100 years or so on the account of Talmudist hordes, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Armenians, Muslims,... philosemites to the man.