Saturday 1 September 2007

European Friends of Israel - EFI

The Jerusalem Post reported (Sept. 19, 2006) the launch of a pro-Israel organisation, European Friends of Israel (EFI), aimed at promoting closer ties between Israel and the European Union.

"Dimitri Dombret, director of EFI, said, "Our goal is to deepen and strengthen the relationship between the EU and Israel, both on a political and commercial level. In order to do this we will gather not only MEPs but also members of the national parliaments across Europe. We want to enlarge European support to Israel.""

"Dr. Charles Tannock, a British MEP from the Conservative Party and a member of EFI's steering committee, told The Jerusalem Post, "There is a clear need to reverse some of the demonizing of Israel and the black propaganda peddled by its enemies both within and outside of the EU. Israel remains a vibrant democracy which shares fundamental common values with the EU and is part of the European Neighborhood Policy, for which I am rapporteur, and enjoys an Association Agreement with the EU. Israel is at the front line in fighting international terrorism, which threatens us all, and therefore deserves our strong support.""

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