Wednesday 22 August 2007

Christian Aid's pro-Palestinian stance and hostility against Israel

NGO Monitor report Christian Aid´s Myopic Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Continues discusses Christian Aid’s pro-Palestinian bias and hostility against Israel. The report analyses and denounces : moral equivalence, omission of the context of terror, manipulative use of international legal terminology, reliance on anecdotal accounts, and silence on Hamas and corruption.

"Christian Aid, heavily subsidized by the Irish and UK governments, has been criticized for promoting a sharp pro-Palestinian position in its "charitable" activities, and abetting the conflict. In two June 2007 reports, it repeats this pattern. Christian Aid relies on the claims of highly politicized NGOs lacking credibility such as Al-Haq, Palestinian NGO Network, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees, and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. The organization minimizes terrorism and Palestinian responsibility for violence and corruption. As in the past, this NGO selectively applies international legal terminology such as "war crimes" and "collective punishment" and reinforces these accusations with highly emotive, yet unverifiable anecdotal accounts. These practices constitute a violation of Christian Aid's stated position of being an "impartial" group working toward peace and the alleviation of poverty. This one-sided political agenda is entirely inconsistent with the status of a registered charity and raises questions regarding substantial increased funding for the organization by Irish Aid."
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NGO Monitor 2003 report on Christian Aid (UK) can be read here :

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