Monday, 7 November 2011

Sarkozy tells Obama that Netanyahu is a liar

President Sarkozy told President Obama during the G20 summit that the Prime Minister of Israel is a liar.  Both leaders thought the microphones were off.

Barack Obama criticized Sarkozy for not having warned him that France would be voting for the accession of Palestine to UNESCO, while he knew that the United States strongly opposed the move. The conversation then drifted to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister. They were convinced they were not being heard and Sarkozy declared: "I cannot stant him. He is a liar". "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!" replied Obama. He then asked Sarkozy to try to convince the Palestinians to Palestinians to ease up on their membership application at the UN.

As usual the French say one thing and then do the opposite.  France had been telling the Israelis that they would not vote for Palestine becoming a full member of UNESCO and then did.  And then say that Israelis are liars and make the U.S. and their European partners look bad for siding with Israel!

Source: Arrêt sur Images


polina.p said...

And where could I listen to their lovely chat? any links?

Juniper in the Desert said...

The French always roll over; Vichy France is now Frankistan. Sarko is a kapo.

Joanne said...

Although Sarkozy seems to be a real slime, Netanyahu is no gem. I'm afraid he may be giving them valid reasons for complaint. I wish Israel were represented by someone better.

Marc Richter said...

Of course this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's followed Obama's dealings with the Israelis. He has so much disdain for the Jewish state and its people. The real surprise for many is many Jewish-Americans continue to put with and support this president, who clearly doesn't have any affinity for them. It's time for Jews in America to find another president.