Friday, 25 November 2011

Photo of Swiss teacher with nasi goreng pack in front of the Auschwitz gate

On a visit organised by a Jewish association to the Auschwitz extermination camp, Bernard Junod, a Swiss teacher had his photo taken holding a pack of nasi goreng and posted it on Internet.  And what a happy and smiling face he has.

On his Smartvote profile he indicated that his favourite book is «Mein Kampf» and that his favourite composer is Richard Wagner, much loved by the Nazis and Adolf himself. As to «Mein Kampf», Bernard Junod confirmed that he likes the book because the author came from nowhere and climbed to the top.

It is not uncommon in Europe for people to make fun of the Jews and of the Holocaust.

Source: 20 minutes. The title of the article is pretty unfortunate, it reads that a teacher "shocks the Jews". One would have thought that he has shocked more people than just the Jews...

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