Thursday, 10 November 2011

French newspaper op-ed: analogy of occupation and rape of Palestine by Israel

Source: CRIF

Libération, a French newspaper with a large readership, published an op-ed by Rana Nashashibi, a Palestinian from Jerusalem, who is a teacher and a militant, entitled : "Peace process, an empty concept". She explains that Israel is not at war with the Palestinians because it is the occupying and colonial power.

Then she develops the idea of the Palestinian  people being raped by Israel.  This was developed at length in this essay 2004 at the German Goethe Institute: Violence against Women, The Analogy of Occupation and Rape; “The case of the Palestininan People”

She writes in Libération (translation): "We, Palestinians, we want a peace which gives us back justice and freedom. The international community wants Israelis and Palestinians to reach an agreement without interfering and without putting pressure on Israel. This situation can be compared to that of the police officer who flies to the rescue of a raped woman raped and then asks the couple to agree to inform him of the situation, so that he may bless it. Those who read this sentence, particularly the militants who fight against violence and rape, know that this demand and this situation are absurd! How can an agreement be forced upon an usurped Palestinian woman without stopping in the first place transgressions (violations) and rape?"

No wonder that only 32% of the Israeli public consider that France is friendly to Israel.  There is not a single French newspaper which has a neutral line on Israel.  They are either critical or ferociously critical.  And don't say it is anti-semitism - quite a few French journalists are Jewish ... and one of the main shareholders of Libération is Jewish: "In January 2005, Édouard de Rothschild invested 20 million euros for a 37% majority shareholding in the French newspaper Libération. The left-wing daily was founded by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and Maoist militant journalist Serge July in 1973 but in recent years has sustained substantial losses."

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Juniper in the Desert said...

These arabs certainly know how to press the West's buttons. The fact that not one mozlem country knows the meaning or practise of justice or freedom. Their own men rape and mutilate them, willy nilly, daughters, wives, strangers, boys too!! They submit daily 5 times, to a psychopathic nonentity that demands blood, blood and more blood. Education is all based around hatred and lies against Jews and the West. Has there ever been a civilisation so willing to commit suicide than ours? I look through history and see nothing like it!