Saturday, 10 September 2011

Saudi Arabia opposes presence of Israel Ambassador at Belgian trade fair!

"It's true, the Embassador is not welcome.  Saudi Arabia is the guest country this year ... and her presence is much too sensitive".

Belgian Jewish magazine Joods Actueel reports that the Israel Embassador to Belgium, who had received an invitation to attend the inauguration of the largest Flemish trade fair in Gent, had been 'disinvited' following objections from Saudi Arabia.  Around 100.000 people are expected to visit the fair.

"As the guest of honour and the only Arab country Saudi Arabia will be present at International Accenta Fair 2011. Saudi Arabia will enjoy a strategic presence to meet professionals from the public and private sectors in Europe."

Israel Embassador "disinvited"
The Embassador, Tamar Samash, who will soon be returning to Israel, recently told a newspaper that she is the only Embassador in Belgium who is 'disinvited' on the pretext that her presence would pose a security risk.  In this case, the organizers gave in to pressure by a foreign country, Saudi Arabia.  Belgium has very strong links with Saudi Arabia in spite of the fact that it doesn't qualify as a great democracy...

Kirsten Karlsson, the spokesperson for the Gent trade fair, told Joods Actueel: "It's true, the Embassador is not welcome.  ... Saudi Arabia is the guest country this year ... and her presence is much too sensitive".

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Juniper in the Desert said...

The arab deserts with oil could not survive without the West's food and water, especially water and Israeli technology. It sickens me beyond belief to see these Belgian fools bending over to the Soddy Barbarians!
Let arabs drink and eat crude oil, then tell them: Now you do what WE say or no food!!