Monday, 19 September 2011

Sarkozy is no longer 'pro-Israel'...

Source: Le Figaro (Quand Nicolas Sarkozy parle d'Histoire…)

French daily Le Figaro reports that the French President invited nine historians for a meal and a chat to the Elysée last week.

The journalist writes that Sarkozy, who has been accused (accusé [!]) of being pro-Israel, told his guest historians:

"Since Lawrence of Arabia nobody has found the way of liking the Arabs" (Difficult to translate: 
"Depuis Lawrence d'Arabie, on n'a pas su aimer les Arabes.")

One week before the (probable) United Nations declaration of a Palestinian State, Sarkozy said about his (ex-)"friend" Benjamin Netanyahu: "He is not the man of the situation."

He then make some nasty comments about the Americans.

With friends like these!

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