Thursday, 22 September 2011

Anti-Israel Julian Schnabel film feted at European Parliament

The European Parliament looks definitely much more like the UN than the US House of Representatives.

The Brussels-based prestigious Boghossian Foundation (created by two Armenian-Lebanese brothers in the jewelry business) whose aim is to foster the "dialogue between between the Oriental and Occidental cultures" has organised the showing of American film director Julian Schnabel anti-Israel film at the European Parliament.  Schnabel and his girlfriend were flown in to attend the event.

In a letter to the President of the Parliament,  Diane Hennebert, of the Foundation wrote:

"Given that Julian Schnabel is famous internationally and that he is of Jewish of background [culture], we are of the opinion that this film deserves our attention and that it illustrates the desire for peace and reconciliation between peoples locked in conflict. " 

"As to the funding of the event [...] the Boghossian Foundation is willing to defray all the necessary expenses to ensure the success of the event (travel, accommodation, invitations, press kit, projection, cocktail party, ...)."

Obviously the debate is not so much about the merits of the film than the fact that Europeans are totally obsessed and willing to go to any lengths to demonise Israel.  Not only is the anti-Israel output impressive but Europeans will give a platform to anyone from outside to Europe - preferably famous and Jewish (as the letter states) - who is willing to demonise Israel.

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La fondation Boghossian présente un film anti-Israël de Julian Schnabel au Parlement européen

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