Thursday, 28 August 2008

Lucas Catherine conference at Brussels Catholic school: Israel is an apartheid State

Anti-Israeli propaganda has reached a peak in some Belgian French-speaking quarters. Hardly does a week go by without the holding of some sort of public event demonizing Israel.

One recent such event was the summer university course organised by ... Belgian Marxists on the subject of "A world in crisis(crises)". The event was hosted, of all places, at the very posh Catholic Berlaymont boarding school in Waterloo, near Brussels.

Venue details here, for the programme click on programme détaillé des cours (in French).

Lucas Catherine reveals the real nature of Israel:
intolerant nationalism, colonialism, apartheid

Lucas Catherine, a well-known Israel-basher, was scheduled to give a talk on the history of Israel at 60 along the following lines :

"The anniversary of a State based on intolerant nationalism, colonialism and apartheid. Apartheid began in South Africa, in 1950, when the majority of land was given to the white minority. In Palestine, for the last two years, Israel has confiscated and turned the major part of the land into an exclusively Jewish territory. Lucas Catherine will apprise us of the real nature of the Jewish State."

The message is deliberately simple and explicit. No need to attend the "course" to understand that Israel is a criminal and evil state.

Lucas Catherine seems to ignore that the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights working definition of anti-Semitism states that it is anti-Semitic to deny : "the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g. by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour."

The Flemish magazine, Joods Actueel, revealed a while ago that Lucas Catherine drew some of the facts in his book "Palestina" (EPO, 2002) from the work of a pro-Nazi writer, Gert Winsch, who wrote: "England's regime in Palestine: England unmasked", see Nazi propaganda literature).
Logically another pet subject was George Bush's "Middle-East domination plans".
Other than equating Israel with apartheid South Africa, Africa is nowhere to be seen on the agenda of these self-styled progressives. Neither Darfur, nor any of the former Belgian colonies in Africa (Congo, Rwanda and Burundi) feature on the "course" programme. .


BabbaZee said...

Nice blog
I am posting this story in my daily "Missing Links" today

euroliberal said...

Il a vu juste, iSSrael est un état apartheidesque. Can you answer please this arguments ?

"and who know that Israel embodies the best in democracy."

"Oh my God, are you kidding ?

Actually iSSrael is the most horrendous dictatorship of our time. In the only existing apartheid regime, only less of 40% of the de jure inhabitants (those who have the "good religion") are entitled to vote, so that the religious minority may become a "majority" (like in the apartheid South Africa). iSSrael is the world champion in political prisoners (12.000), most of them without judgment, and extra-judicial executions of members of the oposition to the sionist apartheid regime.

A murderous, racist, teocratic, genocidical, neo-nazi dictatorship, and NOT A DEMOCRACY, that's what the little shitty iSSrael really is, GOT IT ?

And anti-semitic is what this blog is, as semitic are the arabs, not the turc-kahzar originated (not semitic) askenazin jews..."

BabbaZee said...

My my my

Aren't we tolerant, and liberal!

Youshouldthink about changing your name to eurobile

Rudi said...

Indeed, that Lucas Catherine also uses other nazi sources in his books. One of them is of the nazi Sigrid Hunke about "islam sciences".

As far as that moron of euroliberal is concerned, he is even more antisemitic than Lucas Catherine. Even Lucas Catherine aknowledges that antisemitism in not against "semites" but against jews only.

And to treat askenazies as "khazar" shows a complete denial of history such as the negationists do in relation to the Shoah.
Only portugese neo-nazis such as euroliberal can be so stupid that they even believe what they write.

rudi said...

advice for euroliberal: buy this book urgently:

It may help to make you understandable by normal people.