Friday, 22 August 2008

Chris Blackhurst mirrors antisemitic conspiracy theory in the Standard

Source: Engage (post by David Hirsh)

"Chris Blackhurst is the City Editor of the London Evening Standard. In his 11 August column in the paper he praises the British government's efforts to attract Islamic investors to the City of London by constructing financial schemes which are compatible with Muslim religious law. Blackhurst goes on:

"So it's disappointing to hear that the Government is being subjected to enormous pressure by those who believe Islamic banking is the thin edge of the wedge, a precursor to the UK becoming a Muslim nation. The pro-Israel lobby especially is very worried and consequently vociferous in opposing it."

1......The term "pro-Israel" is being used here as a synonym for "Islamophobic".

2......The "pro-Israel lobby" is assumed to be capable of subjecting the British government to "enormous pressure".

3......The "pro-Israel lobby" is held to believe that "Islamic banking is the thin end of the wedge, a precursor to the UK becoming a Muslim nation."

4......Blackhurst offers no evidence to link the "pro-Israel lobby" to those who oppose Islamic finance.

This paragraph casually mirrors the themes of antisemitic conspiracy theory."

It is often said that anti-Zionism is a manifestation of left wing antisemitism. This paragraph, however, is an example of anti-Zionist rhetoric which is entirely mainstream politically and is not at all of the left."

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Anonymous said...

God forbid JEWS should be involved in finance without furtive whispering about "those people"...

The "anti-racist" thing to do is to co-operate with "Islamic finance" - surely a primitively patriarchal theocratic terroristic civilization is setting a lead for the rest of the world to follow!