Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Guardian: Barack Obama and Israeli tailors

Editorial in The Guardian on Barack Obama's visit to Israel:

"When a presumptive US presidential candidate arrives in Jerusalem, he willingly dons a jacket designed by Israeli tailors. He is compelled to call the country a miracle, to visit the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem and to link the memory of the 6 million Jews who died in Europe to Israeli victims of Palestinian violence today. It was no accident that at Yad Vashem Barack Obama met the policeman who stopped the rampage of a Palestinian bulldozer driver that injured 16 Israelis on Monday."

Why, one may indeed ask, don't US presidential candidates don Palestinian designed jackets when they arrive in Jerusalem ?

These cartoons - and it is not only a matter of fashion or design or taste - go a long way to explain why there is so much reticence to take Palestinians seriously as peace partners. (More cartoons here, if you can stomach them.)

Filastin, June 8, 2008 ((Palestinian Authority)
Headline: "Obama: 'Jerusalem is Israel's United Capital.'"
Ar-Risala, June 22, 2008 (Palestinian Authority)
Headline: "The Wagon [that gets you] to the White House."


See the comments on the Guardian editorial in normblog: Barack Obama and the Jewish tailors.


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Anonymous said...

Obama might wear jackets by Israeli designers, but did the Guardian also told its readers Obama gets bribe from the "Palestinians" (probably Hamas)?

Funny how Muslims draw all those cartoons while publicly supporting Obama.