Monday, 21 May 2012

Source: Norway, Israel and the Jews

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"Our Children are being Bullied, Aftenposten, 2012 05 16, author stated as “Sad Father, 55”. 

These days, many Jewish children are being bullied, threatened with being killed or assaulted in schools in Norway, only over being Jewish. Remarkably, the Norwegian community chose to turn its back on this disgusting phenomenon, disgracing our society and breaching with our ideals. Or perhaps, these values and ideals do not apply to Jews?  Not so long time ago, Jews were forbidden from living in Norway, own property, or were being herded to the gas chambers by “good Norwegians”.

I heard Renate Tårnes, the leader of the Labor Youth in Sør Trøndelag hold a speech to the young people of the Human Ethic’s society in May. Her speech contained a long pro-Palestinian political appeal, condemning Israel as usual, glorifying the Palestinians. This is not a unique example, reinforcing the belief today’s hatred of Jews in Norway starts by programming children. This time under the management of Norwegian socialists. Same story, new wrapping."

Perhaps not surprisingly, the talk backs to this article put the blame on- you’ve guessed it- Israel, over anti-Jewish sentiments. As for Ms. Tårnes, she is a survivor of the Utøya massacre, and was in portrayed after testifying in the Anders Breivik trial. [For the Utøya massacre see: Norway carnage and Israel, by Manfred Gerstenfeld]

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