Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Angela Davis joins Anti-Israel Russell Tribunal Jury

Source: Russell Tribunal on Palestine

"Angela Davis joins Russell Tribunal Jury (3 May)

Angela Davis, the well known American political activist, scholar and author, has just announced that she will join the jury of the Tribunal for our 4th and final session in New York. Angela has, throughout her life, always stood for justice and freedom for all and will be a fantastic addition to an already stellar cast." [Stellar cast? An obvious overstatement.]

See: Israel lynching tribunal coming to the United States in 2012 (Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Belgium)

The "Tribunal" (in fact a kangaroo court) was created in Belgium by Pierre Galand of the Free University of Brussels (ULB). Angela Davis was awarded on 14 May the degree Doctoris Honoris Causa by the Free University of Brussels. Questioned by students about the BDS campaign, she declared that she was in favour of the creation an official anti-Israel BDS Student Association at the university (like the Law Student Association, the History Student Association, etc). This association was indeed created a few days later.

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