Monday, 10 October 2011

More blatant lies about Israel on French public TV

After posting this earlier today, French Jews protest against “violently anti-Israel’ public TV documentary, another 'spectacular' French media Israel-bashing exercise has come to light.  

Benjamin Barthe is one of the several Israel-bashing journalists at the Monde. Interestingly, Bernard-Henri Lévy sits at the board of directors of Le Monde... and is held to be by French standards a pro-Israel intellectual.  Other prominent French Jews are also associated with Le Monde.

The latest Israel-bashing exercise by Barthe did not go unnoticed.  Yaron Gamburg, the spokesperson for the Israel embassy in France was outraged and issued a statement:

"Mr Barthe, one of  the journalists who interviewed today the number two of the embassy Sammy Ravel,  for TV5 Monde [the equivalent of BBC World], claimed that there is no mention of the Palestinian territories on the maps issued by the Israel Tourism Ministry. Frankly, who does he think he is kidding?"

Well you can see for yourself (link):

More here in French

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