Thursday, 13 October 2011

43% of Belgians believe there are interesting aspects in Nazism!

A survey reveals that 43% of Belgians (French- and Flemish-speakers alike) believe that Nazism "promoted interesting ideas", even though they are deemed to be "essentially objectionable" or "objectionable in part".

44% believe that Nazism should be totally rejected.

Those who believe that there is some legitimacy to Nazi ideology mainly cite nationality motives and the boosting of the economy.  When one considers the phenomenal destruction wreaked by the Nazis, one wonders how they are supposed to bring material prosperity!

Most Belgians feel they are well informed about Nazism: 13% are "very well informed" and 56% "fairly well informed".

50% of those aged under 25 are not aware that anti-Semitism was an integral part of Nazism and only 26% that the Aryan race was considered to be superior.

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