Monday, 17 January 2011

Jean-Marie Le Pen signs off with joke about Jewish journalist's nose

Sadly, Jean-Marie Le Pen is not the only one in Europe to laugh or to speak "scientifically" about Jewish noses.  Photo taken at the carnival parade in the Flemish town of Aalst in 2009 (Crooked noses and yellow stars at the Aalst carnival, Belgium).

PARIS (AFP)---French extreme right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen handed control of his party to his daughter Sunday with a parting shot that maintained his reputation for controversy, joking about a Jewish reporter's nose.
Le Pen was responding to journalists' questions about a reporter [Mickael Szames] who had said he was violently thrown out of a National Front dinner by party security guards on Saturday for allegedly attending without authorization.

"He complained it was because he was Jewish he was thrown out. You couldn't tell by looking at his identity card, nor at his nose," Le Pen retorted, evoking a physical stereotype that was notably used in Nazi propaganda. [...]"

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