Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Bertrand Russell 'tribunal' to try philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy for warmongering, unbridled imperialism and Zionism etc.

The kangaroo court was created at the initiative an anti-Zionist political party "Les Indigènes de la République" to judge French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy. The "charges" against the philosopher are as follows:

- Advocacy of unbridled imperialism and Zionism
- Intellectual dishonesty, as a characteristic of the errors of philosophy, the accumulation of capital and power
- False accusation of an imaginary crime against Iran
- Warmongering and advocating humanitarian imperialism
- Aiding in the creation and promotion of SOS Racisme with a view to silencing autonomous movements of immigration
- Dissemination of false news likely to sow discord between Christian and Muslim religious communities.

The trial is due to take place in Paris on 28 January. 

This initiative is a pure product of what is happening in Europe.  Among the witnesses one finds British/Pakistani historian Tarik Ali and a Belgian teacher of the prestigious European School, Pierre Piccinin.  Another much respected Belgian, Pierre Galand [1]created a kangaroo court to try Israel ... using Bertrand Russell's name too - the Belgian Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

More in French here

[1] "Pierre Galand (Belgium) Using Political NGOs to Promote Demonization & Anti-Semitism in the UN & EU"


Juniper in the Desert said...

Unbelieveable: BHL is a loony lefty!!

I guess the lefty Jews are getting it now!

Anonymous said...

wow, this organization is openly, obviously, and violently anti-Semitic. Go be jealous of another ethnic minority assholes