Thursday, 12 May 2011

Half of Muslim high-school students in Brussels are anti-Semitic

It is estimated that 30% of the Brussels population (1 million) is Muslim.  Although the problem is serious and well-known, it is the first time that such a survey has been carried out and the results published in a Flemish newspaper.  Brussels is the capital of Belgium and of Europe ...

Pages 4 and 5 of the daily De Morgen of today carry the results of a survey among young Muslims in Brussels high schools. It finds that half  "can be described as anti-Semitic which is a very high rate", says VUB sociologist Mark Elchardus. The corresponding rate for Dutch-speaking Flanders is 10 percent.

"Worse, [in Brussels] anti-Jewish sentiments are unrelated to the level of education or poor social living conditions," says Elchardus.  "Anti-semitism is theologically inspired. There is a direct link between being Muslim and anti-Semitic feelings. Catholics, too, are negative toward Jews too, but their sentiments are by far not as strong."

Here is the approval rate of 4 statements about Jewish people put to respondents:

- "Jews want to dominate everything" (31.4% agree)
- "Most Jews think they are better than other people" (29.9%)
- "When you do business with Jews, you have to be extra alert" (28.6%)
- "Jews agitate for war and blame others" (28.4%)

Flemish Jewish magazine Joods Actueel is not surprised by the findings and, by way of example, quotes thius statement which features on the website of Arab Students in Brussels:

"Defending the Arabness of Palestine alongside the plight of struggle with its people towards the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea [i.e. total annihilation]. Hence, the Zionist entity ‘Israel’ remains a colonial settler base with no right to exist on any fraction of Arab soil. Furthermore we consider armed struggle and martyrdom as the unique strategy for liberating Palestine."
Brussels: pro-Hamas demonstration (January 2009)
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