Monday, 11 October 2010

Mosque shooting game banned in Austria, not Jewish soldier shooting game in Belgium

Anti-mosque web game banned: Austria (and quite rightly so)

"Austrian authorities have banned a far-right online game where players eliminate animated mosques and Muslims, the political party behind the game said on Friday.  The "Bye Bye Mosque" game, which has had over 200,000 visitors since it was launched on Monday, has drawn sharp criticism from Austria's Social Democrats and Green Party, as well as the Islamic and Roman Catholic communities.

Set up by the provincial branch of the far-right Freedom Party ahead of an election in Styria later this month, the game encouraged players to collect points by putting a target over mosques and minarets emerging from the countryside and clicking a "Stop" sign.  They also had the chance to eliminate a bearded muezzin calling Muslims to prayer. [...]"
In Belgium, children are exhorted to shoot at Israelly soldiers and throw them to the sea.  And the big difference with the Austrian game is that it is not an online game.  The game was staged at a Roman Catholic school ('Throw Israel soldiers to the sea' educational game at Belgian Catholic school), at the Ghent Fair [Belgian NGO incites children to shoot at Israeli soldiers at the Ghent Fair], and now at Charleroi (though adults were not asked to shoot at the soldiers, the exercise seems to be only aimed at children and their parents) :

8 October: a laughing Griet Deknooper, a teacher and the inventor of the "shoot a Jewish/Israelly soldier game", with her fund-raising aquarium at a Charleroi anti-Israel event.

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