Tuesday, 29 January 2008

George Habash opposed suicide bombings

Shortly before his death George Habash gave an interview to the French newspaper Le Figaro (Jan. 28). He expressed no regrets for his appalling record of terrorism and destruction, but had one reservation ... he opposed human bombs and jihad:
"At the end of the 60s, we hijacked airliners to call attention to the Paletinian cause. I was aware that they would not change the course of our strugge against Israel. But it was the only way to make our cause known. Once this goal had been achieved, in 1972 I called at the third PFLP congress, for an end to airliner hijackings. It was a difficult decision because the majority of Paletinians were in favour. But I had no hesitation in breaking with my companion, Wadi Hadda, who decided he would carry on with the operations. Since then, I haver never been attracted to suicide attacks. Maybe this is due to my Christian religion, in which the word jihad does not exist."
Translated by Philosemite

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