Friday, 23 May 2008

Media hostility has anti-Semitic roots, says Rupert Murdoch

From The Jerusalem Post by David Horovitz:

“A “pretty strong degree of anti-Semitism” in Europe is at the root of the hostile coverage Israel receives in parts of the European media, Rupert Murdoch, the News Corporation global media chief, charged on Thursday.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Post following his appearance at Jerusalem's “Facing Tomorrow.” presidential conference, Murdoch said it was hard for Israel to obtain fair media coverage in Europe because it was forced to “start off behind.”

Elaborating, Murdoch said: “If you go to the BBC, the French press, places like that - they start as hostile, and it's very difficult to overcome. But you've just got to press on and do what you can.”

In a series of characteristically striking assessments, Murdoch went on to say that “the whole of Europe has gone soft. You've got a degree of disintegration - though that's too strong a word - of society.””

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